Ball thrust bearings are designed to accommodate thrust loads in one direction. They are available in ISO metric and inch series. These bearings consist of two hardened and ground thrust plates with matching ball grooves on one side and a 1-piece brass cage that contains the precision balls. In some low speed applications, a full complement of balls is used without the cage to increase thrust capacity. The ball thrust bearing is a good choice for applications when lighter thrust loads are encountered at higher speeds than a cylindrical roller thrust bearing can handle. These are dimensionally interchangeable with other manufactures and in the case of ISO series, they are dimensionally interchangeable by basic series part numbers. When more precision is required by an application, these can be manufactured to P5 accuracy.  Many applications require the use of radial bearings to center the shaft so that the ball thrust bearing can be used.  Typical applications include lathe tailstocks, powered jacks, and turn tables.

ball thrust

Ball Thrust Bearings (BT)

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