American Roller Bearing IS heavy industry. For over 100 years, we have been engineering, designing and building solutions that meet and exceed customer’s requirements for standard and specialty bearings.

Where you find harsh demanding applications in extreme environments that require quality, reliability, and performance, you will find American Roller Bearing products. In the most rugged conditions such as; oil fields, mine sites, steel, and aluminum rolling mills, American Roller Bearing is there supporting heavy loads twenty-four hours a day with unsurpassed quality and performance. High impact presses, rock crushers, coal pulverizers and gear drives where precision meets durability, American Roller Bearing is there. High temperature rolls in paper mills and corrugating plants where reliability and up-time are profitability, American Roller Bearing is there.

Today, as it has been since 1911, American Roller Bearing is there to engineer, design, build and service heavy industry.