Corrugator Bearings

journal-bearingsJournal roller bearings are designed for moderate to heavy radial loads and carry the designation of a 3-piece separable bearing, such as bearings for corrugators. An Inner Race, Outer Race, and Roller Assembly make up the complete bearing. Our journal roller bearings are made in Metric and Inch series and designed with special widths, oil holes, or key notches for specific industries. Components have been designed to interchange with other manufacturers. These corrugator bearings have been popular for many years and have been incorporated into many OEM applications. Their use in corrugating machinery, line shafts, table rolls, forging equipment, and general industry applications make them very popular in the replacement market. Contact us for more information!


  • Multiple cage designs
  • Up- to 12.5" bore
  • Single and double row
  • Special features
  • Inch and metric designs

Journal Bearings

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