Sometimes the demands of your application change and the requirements of your bearings change too. American Roller Bearing can help you evaluate these changes and help find if existing bearings can be modified to meet these needs or if a new bearing design is needed when bearing modification may not be an option.

Our bearing modifications can include but are not limited to regrinding of existing new components, races or spacers to change internal clearance values, adding lubrication features such grooves and holes (W33) for better performance, or machining of counterbores to better locate the bearing position.

For more examples of our standard and special bearing modifications or a review of your application data, please contact us.

Bearing Repair & Reconditioning

American Roller Bearing Company provides repair and reconditioning services that can extend usable bearing life for increased value and performance. We service all types of bearings from any manufacturer. Fully reconditioned bearings receive the same warranty as new bearings. Services range in cost of 20% - 80% the cost of new providing significant savings opportunities in replacement costs, faster turnaround and providing the ability to re-use a special rather than replacing it.

Engineering Services

American Roller Bearing Company Design Engineers can design or re-design a bearing for your specific requirements whether it is for new applications, an upgrade required for improved equipment performance,or as a replacement for an underperforming product. Application Engineers can assist in the field evaluation of your application and evaluate operations, installation, maintenance, and performance. They will work with you to find practical solutions to performance issues. Solutions can be in the form of training, operational changes, improved maintenance and/or product enhancements.

Bearings We Offer

American Roller Bearing primarily makes heavy duty bearings that are used in various industries in the US and around the world. Not only must our industrial class bearings provide long in-service life from a rolling fatigue criterion, but they must also hold together structurally from impacts, overloads, and occasional high-speed excursions. The design of every heavy duty bearing has been optimized to this end, including our large bore bearings.

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