Cylindrical and Tapered Roller Bearings for Metal Industry | American Roller Bearing

From the melting furnaces, to the hot mill, through the finishing stands, all along the way, American Roller Bearings carry the loads that make, move, and shape the metal into it's final marketable form.  American bearings are used every day to roll out finished aluminum, steel, and brass products.


Various American Bearings are used in steel mills.

Cylindrical, Tapered & Ball Bearings

American has been supplying all types of bearings for this industry all over the world for decades in numerous types of equipment.  BOF trunions and drives, pinion stands, two-high and four-high rolling mills, coilers, runout tables and furnace cars.  Typically, large multirow cylindrical and tapered roller bearings are used for high radial and thrust loads, while some mills use deep-grove ball bearings and ball angular-contact bearings for location and thrust.

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Blended Bevel Lead-Ins Flyer

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